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SEASONAL JOBS at the Rail Yards Market

The Rail Yards Market of Albuquerque operates on Sundays during the months of May-October, and the life force of our non-profit effort is our exuberant staff, volunteers, vendors, and many other contributors. We recruit skilled and innovative staff to strengthen our mission and commitments to the community. To grow and maintain its many facets, logistics, and programs, the market offers some seasonal employment opportunities.

All applicants must:

  • Agree to the RYM's Code of Conduct
  • Submit contact Form application (below)
  • Email Cover Letter & Resume to

Our current positions available for application are listed below; you can click on titles to read full job descriptions.

Thank you for your interest!



Position Objectives & Requirements

  • Represent RYM’s mission and commitment to the community by organizing a diverse and successful Vendor program with balanced offerings, demographics, and price accessibility.
  • Expand the RYM’s agricultural business network by supporting, recruiting, and maintaining our Growers of Raw Produce vendor base.
  • Participate in Vendor selection, financial tracking, and scheduling.
  • Oversee and facilitate Vendor relations, communications, and logistical elements.
  • Provide flexibility and availability to professionally represent RYM at meetings, functions, and other opportunities.
  • Abide by RYM’s Code-of-Conduct.

Applicant Preferences

  • Bilingual skills in English and Spanish strongly preferred
  • Previous experience working with local agricultural and food system communities
  • Commitment to, involvement in, and knowledge of Albuquerque’s, in particular the Barelas neighborhood’s, rich cultural history and diverse populations.
  • Customer service, facilitation, and/or leadership experience
  • Education in Community Regional Planning, Agriculture, Sustainability Studies, and/or Food Systems.
  • Technological competence in various systems including email, social media, word, excel, google drive, and/or other communication or design platforms
  • Access to internet and computer for communication with vendors and staff team
  • Excellent communication and time-management skills
  • Goal-orientated and team-player personality

 -APPLICATION CLOSES for processing Jan 20th, 2017-

Parking Ambassador 

This position has a unique view; they get to smile and greet every customer & vendor that comes through our front gate. Our Parking Ambassadors maintain the order of our outdoor operations, and keep an organized and safe parking lot for all of our patrons.


The Entertainment Leader facilitates elements related to music and entertainment at The Rail Yards Market. This Leader books diverse local musicians, story tellers, and performers for the market's coffee-house entertainment environment. This position works collaboratively with the Programming Coordinator to communicate, schedule acts, and ensure operational and organizational commitments are met.

Children's Zone helper

Every Sunday at the market we have an interactive space for kid's activities, and joyful staff to facilitate the fun and work with community partners. At the Children's zone we provide free education and enrichment to families!

neighborhood outreach coordinator -closed..Thank you!

Position General Objectives (Click HERE for complete Job Description)

  • Work directly with Barelas, South Broadway, San Jose neighborhoods to promote and encourage a sense of market involvement and ownership.
  • Represent RYM’s mission and commitment to the community via various outreach strategies.
  • Connect with and nurture productive relationships with the surrounding neighborhood residents and  Community Partners.
  • Schedule community groups (non commerce) to table at the market’s Community Station.
  • Oversee and facilitate outreach relations, communications, and logistical elements.
  • Provide flexibility and availability to represent RYM at meetings, functions, and other opportunities.
  • Abide by RYM’s Code-of-Conduct.


The Green team maintains the market's recycling, compost, and landfill collection and sorting programs, and contributes to our sustainability!  The green team also acts active ambassadors for the market's mission, and help educate vendors and attendees about sustainable and smart practices.


The operations team is the backbone of the market, and helps with the behind-the-scenes load-in of all the crucial market equipment in the morning before everything starts (7am-9am) and tucks everything away nicely after closing (2pm-4pm). Must be able to lift 50 lbs.