WHAT's New at the Rail yards market?

Innovation Day at the Rail Yards Market

A new method, idea and/or way of doing something: innovation is exciting and challenging! Learn how the idea because a reality with some of Albuquerque's top innovators as the Rail Yards Market celebrates innovation this Sunday, July 30!

Fun with Fractals

The Folks from the Fractal Foundation will be joining us in the Children's Zone to discuss fractals and Fractal paper cut out cards/ Fractal pipe cleaner trees.


10-10:45 Bhava Yoga
11-12 AudioBuddha
12:30-1:30 La Rondalla de Albuquerque

Last Sunday at the Rail Yards Market

This past Sunday at the Rail Yards Market we welcomed lots of heroes of the super and everyday variety! We had super foods, super arts in the STEAM Zone, super doggies, super volunteers and a super time was had by all! You all proved that you don't have to possess super powers to be a super person!

Join us this coming Sunday July 30th as we revel in innovation!!
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Super Hero Day at the Rail Yards Market

Be a local SUPER HERO at the Rail Yards Market! What's your super power?? Some grow food, make beauty, or nourish those in need. Make a big impact locally by supporting your region's food shed and small business economy. The Kryptonian, Super Man AKA Clark Kent, gained his strong values and altruistic nature from his young days growing up and working on a farm--his adopted Farmer parent endowed him with compassion and taught him to harness his super powers for the help of others. 

Our agricultural network in New Mexico is superbly powerful and bountiful and contributes to a growing and flowing history of the Rio Grande basin. Positive change starts from within, and you have the power to transform our world by making sustainable choices and progress in your community. 

We expect all of the burque heroes to be in full effect THIS SUNDAY from 10am-2pm!

The terrific heros of the NM Marvel Ultimate Alliance will be on the move at the market this Sunday. Come chat, play and take pics!

Super starts small by building your brain and skills! NM Reads will be in the Children's zone

FREE YOGA by Bhava Yoga Studio 10a-1045
Local Music Tres Talamantes 12:00 - 1:30

We are also continuing our Recipe Basket program where you can purchase a meal for two whose ingredients are sourced from our wonderful growers/vendors and comes in a recyclable container. We offer a sliding scale option to pay for your recipe basket and it can be purchased at the Info Booth. 

As always the Rail Yards Market is pet friendly for friendly pets! Always Family Friendly, always free!!

Last Sunday at the Rail Yards Market

It was a wondrously colorful day at the Rail Yards Market yesterday as we learned all about Agua = Water! A big thank you to Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District and the NM Water Resources Network for sharing their wealth of knowledge with everyone. We look forward to implementing many of their suggestions as we hope you do to ensure that we have this most precious resource for our children and grandchildren.  

Join us this coming Sunday July 23 in your favorite Super Hero gear for Super Hero Day! :::RSVP to our Facebook event HERE :::

AGUA Day at the Rail Yards Market

Agua = Water = Life. Our most vital resource. Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet the demands of water usage within a region. It already affects every continent and around 2.8 billion people around the world at least one month out of every year. More than 1.2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water. Sunday July 16 we celebrate our precious resource and learn about ways to preserve it for present and future generations.


Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District will be demonstrating how rain barrels and cisterns work and will also be out with a special educational tool:: The Rolling River watershed model to demonstrate how our water resources work in New Mexico. We'll have lots of information about water harvesting and watershed conservation. Join us!


The RYM Children's Zone features educational games, stories, craft projects, music and other fun activities for kids and families every week. Curriculum in this zone is always FREE, interactive and usually offers a creation to take home!


We are also continuing our Recipe Basket program where you can purchase a meal for two whose ingredients are sourced from our wonderful growers/vendors and comes in a recyclable container. We offer a sliding scale option to pay for your recipe basket and it can be purchased at the Info Booth. 

As always the Rail Yards Market is pet friendly for friendly pets! Always Family Friendly, always free!!

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FREE YOGA 10a-1045a
Georgio O'neil 11a
Eli del Puerto 1230p

Last Sunday at the Rail Yards Market

It was a  colorful day at our celebration of everything "Green" as in environmentally friendly at the Rail Yards Market! Kiddos made fun keepsakes out of recyclable materials, Dan the Glassman Garduno was on hand to show us how to make recyclable water containers and gave us tips on how to save water. The music on our Stage was hot while our  volunteers kept cool under our Bike Valet canopy! Info about volunteering is available by clicking here.

Join us next Sunday, July 16 as we celebrate that most precious gift Agua = Water! The New Mexico Watershed Resources Network will be leading the fun, interactive educational activities!

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Recycling Day at the Rail Yards Market

The Rail Yards Market believes in creating a 100% sustainable environment where we can work and play while preserving our world. Through our Green Team we are gradually creating that environment in our beloved Blacksmiths Shop every Sunday during the market. 

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Please join us this Sunday where we will have several programs and activities that demonstrate how to and exemplify the need for recycling / upcycling / composting. 


Artist Eric Wellman will be visiting our STEAM Zone demonstrating and creating works of art from recycled materials.


RYM Staff will be leading the kiddos in making sculptures from recycled materials. 


We are also continuing our Recipe Basket program where you can purchase a meal for two whose ingredients are sourced from our wonderful growers/vendors and comes in a recyclable container. We offer a sliding scale option to pay for your recipe basket and it can be purchased at the Info Booth. 

As always the Rail Yards Market is pet friendly for friendly pets! Always Family Friendly, always free!!

Last Sunday at the Rail Yards Market

This past Sunday we celebrated our nations' independence day with vendors and patrons alike dressing up in their most patriotic gear! Special thanks to our Desert Paws NM Animal RescueNew Mexico Pets Alive and Animal Protection of New Mexico. Thank you to Public Arts Division Below is a sample small sample of the festivities.

Be sure to join us this coming Sunday, July 9th as we emphasize recycling, up-cycling, and composting as a way to preserve the beauty of our planet. ::: RSVP to our Facebook event HERE :::


Come celebrate our country's independence day while helping out a few furry friends in need! Every year thousands of dogs and cats are in need of adoption in New Mexico. Thanks to organizations like Desert Paws NM Animal Rescue and Watermelon Mountain Ranch, many of these animals find new homes. They will be joining us this Sunday so come on down to the Rail Yards Market and find yourself a new four-legged loyal friend.


Also joining us will be the Public Arts Division, which will be leading the kiddos in a sculptural assemblage project. Additionally Debra and Maya Pappler will be doing the fundraising activity of painting pet rocks that will benefit the Watermelon Mountain Ranch, The Kids Zone has some fun for the whole family! 


Find Desert Paws NM Animal Rescue in the STEAM Zone. They will have more info about how to adopt a new dog/cat member for your family. 


More opportunities to educate yourself about the pet population in Albuquerque are brought to you by New Mexico Pets Alive and Animal Protection of New Mexico

If your organization, school, or group ever wants to join us as the market apply for the Community Station HERE.

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  • FREE YOGA presented by Bhava Yoga Studio 10am
  • Mariachi Albuquerque 11:00 am
  • Todd Tijerina 12:30 pm 

As always we are pet friendly for friendly pets!
Stay tuned for more info!

Intergalactic Day at the RYM

3 - 2 - 1 blastoff at the Rail Yards Market as we take you on a journey through the stars on Intergalactic Day. Come dressed up in your most comfortable intergalactic travel gear and enjoy some out-of-this world entertainment, food vendors, growers and educational partners! On the boarding dock we have scheduled for you:


The Children's Zone welcomes Maker Tech courtesy of the folks at the Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire. They will be bringing all of their fun gizmos from the greatest minds in all of Albuquerque's celestial quadrants. The Star Wars 501 Legion will also be patrolling the grounds in and out of the Kids Zone all day so be sure to come dressed in your Star Wars gear and join the fun.


In the STEAM Zone we will also be joined by folks at the Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire bringing more demos and devices


Joe Ulibarri will bring in his 3-D Printer and creating some live ultra-modern art in front of your eyes. 


Explora Science Center will be occupying this most important outpost. Come find out about all of their intra and extraterrestrial exhibits, activities and services they offer the community all year round.

If your organization, school, or group ever wants to join us as the market apply for the Community Station HERE.

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  • FREE YOGA presented by Bhava Yoga Studio 10am
  • 4 Winds Belly Dance 11:00 am
  • Live Theatre Performance by FUSION Theatre:
    Princess Marisol & The Portal 12:30 pm 

As always we are pet friendly for friendly pets!
Stay tuned for more info!

Last Sunday at the RYM

What a wonderful time we had welcoming all of the families from all shapes and sizes at the Rail Yards Market. Some of our favorite folks were in from as far away as Chinle Arizona! Folks grabbed bags and baskets full of fresh produce, gifts for dad while enjoying music from our stage! Additionally A Light In The Night was there to collect donations for families in need. Please join us for our Intergalactic Day, Sunday June 25!

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FAMILY Day at the Rail Yards Market

At the Rail Yards Market we welcome families in all shapes and sizes. We honor our biological families, our extended families, our family of friends, our work or school families or other caregivers and folks in our lives. On June 18 we invite you to be part of the Rail Yards Market family! 


The Children's Zone welcome Rail Yards Market favorite Lisa Richards who visits us from the Navajo Nation. Lisa will be demonstrating and leading the kiddos in the art of Pony Bead making! Have your child make one for the dad in their lives! 


In the STEAM Zone we will be joined by Big Brothers Big Sisters. Big Brothers Big Sisters of mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better. They will be joining us and leading us in our favorite board games! 


Joining us for some Live Art in the STEAM Zone is artist David Santiago. David is a Contemporary Charcoal Artist based In Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Strong Families New Mexico is a regional program of Strong Families – a national initiative led by Forward Together to change culture and policy to improve conditions for the most marginalized women and families.

We will also be joined by A Light in the Night who collect,sort and distribute Clothing, Warm items and Hygiene Kits.

If your organization, school, or group ever wants to join us as the market apply for the Community Station HERE.

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  • FREE YOGA presented by Bhava Yoga Studio 10am
  • Jenna Dunlap 11:00 am
  • Eugene Atencio 12:30 pm 

As always we are pet friendly for friendly pets!
Stay tuned for more info!

Celebrate PrIDE at the Rail Yards Market 

At the Rail Yards Market we pride ourselves on accepting EVERYONE from EVERY walk of life. Community is built by individuals with individual experience that contribute to the whole... Come celebrate Pride with us, we have many awesome activities for you to enjoy. The Rail Yards Market is YOUR space to enjoy, discover and learn about the cool home-grown offerings available in Albuquerque and New Mexico! 


Welcomes the Harwood Center, a community partner since 2014! They will be leading the kiddos in fun and educational activities all day! 


We welcome Denise Weaver Ross for some live painting. Denise is currently working on a private commission for a mural called "We the People," which combines dancers and dance styles from a broad range of cultures. Recently commissioned by Albuquerque's world music festival, Globalquerque, to create the featured poster painting for the festival for 2017, she was inspired by the "Glory of Angels” fresco in Saronno, Italy and combined references from the original fresco with prominent figures in world music playing instruments from one to twelve strings.


Visiting us this week is Young Women United! Young Women United is a community organizing project by and for young women of color in New Mexico. They believe in the rights of all people to access the information, education, and resources needed to make real decisions about their bodies and lives. They work with women and families to identify issues impacting their lives and collectively organize and build policy efforts for change.If your organization, school, or group ever wants to join us as the market apply for the Community Station HERE.

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Last Sunday at the Rail Yards Market

What a wonderful day choc full of history, artifacts, arts, crafts, growers and entertainment! Thank you to our many scheduled participants including: NM Steam Locomotive & Rail Road Historical Society, Artist Aaron Richardson, Musicians Danny the Harp,  and Alonerly. A big thank you to our buskers and pop-up Capoeira demonstration and all of our wonderful vendors! Join us this coming Sunday as we celebrate Pride!

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Rail Yards History  ::  June 4TH, 2017

Did you know that the Albuquerque Rail Yards once housed nearly one-quarter of the City's workforce? Built throughout the late 1800's and early 1900's, the Albuquerque Rail Yards put the City on the map, and catalyzed the City's transformation from a farming village to a booming valley of innovation. The site still stands this day, and is comprised of over 14 building on 20+ acres. Come learn more about our treasured historical icon this Sunday at the Rail Yards Market ABQ 10am-2pm.

::WHEELS MUSEUM::Stationed at the Rail Yards Market each Sunday, check out historic memorabilia, ask questions, and hear all the good ol' stories about the rail road era and other transportation history.

::KIDS ZONE:: Make a conductor hat with the kiddos in our famous Kid's Zone--a must-stop for family fun!

::STEAM ZONE:: In our Educational Demonstration area, we will welcome the NM Steam Locomotive & Rail Road Historical Society. Aaron Richardson will be demonstrating and showing his Rail Yards paintings (Machine Shop painting featured above).  

::COMMUNITY STATION:: Visit non-profit groups, learn new things, and get information on local community happenings. Its free for non-profits and non-commercial groups to share info at the market. If your organization, school, or group ever wants to join us as the market apply for the Community Station HERE.

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What does it mean to serve? Whether you're building community, growing leaders, teaching youth, strengthening your family, or bettering our world in some way, we all serve our community daily. We will be celebrating all who serve our City and community at the market this Sunday! Kindness, compassion, vision, and selflessness are all ingredients often included for service.  Is there someone or something that you feel serves Albuquerque well? Come share your stories and celebrate community with us!

::KIDS ZONE:: Bring the curious kiddos down to meet the brave men and women of the Albuquerque Fire Department, who will be demonstrating and showing off their magnificent fire truck.

::STEAM ZONE:: In our Educational Demonstration area, Cloudface (Patrick Burnham) will be throwing down his amazing signature style and showing us his live painting techniques. Find out more about Cloudface HERE.

::COMMUNITY STATION:: Visit community groups including: A Light in the Night, whose mission is to ease the suffering of people living on the streets, or in transition, by providing essential supplies in a compassionate, secular, judgement-free manner. AGORA crisis center will be present with information as well, and provides many services including an all-issues crisis phone line, is part of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline network, an on-line chat service, the only Substance Abuse hotline in New Mexico, have access to an extensive referral database, and offer a range of training and educational outreach options for the community. Its free for non-profits and non-commercial groups to share info at the market. If your organization, school, or group ever wants to join us as the market apply for the Community Station HERE.

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Neighborhood Day at the RYM

Come join us for a celebration of our wonderful and historical neighborhood, Barelas! The Barelas connection to the Rail Yards Market is well documented. We will be joined by the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, the Graft Gallery, Poet Max Early and the Ballet Folklorico Dancers, Dolores Gonzales School

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Entertainment Schedule

Ballet Folklorico Dolores Gonzales Elementary 11:00 am
Max Early Poetry Reading 12:30 pm

This Past Sunday at the RYM

What a wonderful day full of mothers of all kinds! We welcomed the Rio Grande Community Farm and the Albuquerque The Public Library Abq-Bernco as they helped us get started with our planting! On the stage we were entertained by Seth Hoffman followed by Da Terra Miega. Catch us this Sunday May 21 as we celebrate our wonderful Barelas neighborhood! Click here for EVENT PAGE

Seeds & Starts at the Rail Yards Market

Come get your hands dirty this Sunday at Seeds & Starts! Get tips from the pros regarding on how to get a green thumb! Join us in celebration of Seeds & Starts! Get your seeds and starter plants from your favorite local growers! With special co-hosts Rio Grande Community Farm whose mission it is to improve the health of our community through sustainable agriculture, education and fresh food for diverse populations in Albuquerque. They will be leading us through a planting activity! 

Also joining us are The Public Library Abq-Bernco. They will be making Seed Balls, come learn all about their wonderful Seed Library program! In addition, the Children's Zone will feature a Terracotta Pottery Project!

Entertainment Schedule 

Seth Hoffman 11:00 am
Da Tierra Miega 12:30 pm

this past Sunday at the Rail Yards Market

What an incredible show of community support on our Opening Day Flamenco-Thon! Tierra Adentro of NM  with the National Institute of Flamenco put on an incredible performance. STEAM Zone artists Reyes Padilla wowed the crowd with his art. Check out our photo gallery below! Thank you all for coming out and helping us celebrate the beginning of our 4th year! 

Photo Credit: Alex Paramo, find out more about him by visiting Community Publishing. 

RAIL YARDS MARKET Opening Day is MAY 7th!

Join the Flamenco-Thon!

Full Steam ahead! Tierra Adentro of NM and the Rail Yards Market are teaming up for the season's grand opening Flamenco-Thon (May 7th from 10am to 2pm)! Local at heart? Then come dance with us! Join us for amazing dance performances by the National Institute of Flamenco, some special interactive shows, and of course the best in local farm, food, and artisan local shopping in Albuquerque.

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strengthening our Food Shed: 3 ways the Rail yards market is increasing local food access

Recipe Baskets

This season we are rolling out our Rail Yards Recipes program. Rail Yards Recipes is an innovative program that makes eating fresh, healthy, and local food easy and fun! Each plentiful basket includes a colorful recipe with seasonal and fresh ingredients from small local farms and businesses from the middle Rio Grande Valley, with an emphasis on products from Rail Yards Market vendors. A detailed instructions card features educational information on how to use cooking equipment, information on farms and vendors who supply products, easy-to-follow verbal and pictorial steps make cooking the meal easy even for the most inexperienced chef-to-be. Ingredients are pre-portioned, and recipes are designed to create a hearty and healthy meal for two. Eating local is easy and affordable with Rail Yards Recipes! Each basket creates a meal for two, and is on a sliding-scale price system, so we can offer discount pricing for multiple baskets for families and low-income and EBT customers. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting project.

Interactive Food Education

Every week at the market you find so many wonderful sights, sounds and tastes, and our goal is for every customer to come away from the experience enriched and ready to share with their community. A major focus of the Rail Yards Market is our dedication to education and entrepreneurialship. At the market each week there are dedicated spaces, or "zones" for education. Our STEAM zone features live demonstrations of educational activities including displays, workshops, and presentations that cover a variety of topics including culinary skills and recipes, cultural and traditional craft techniques, sustainability practices, and more. The market is an activated community space that feeds the imagination and soul every Sunday; come learn aboutand taste New Mexico at the Rail Yards Market


The Rail Yards Market of Albuquerque participates in the Double Up Food Bucks program, which is a sensational incentive with a goal to increase the raw produce consumption among EBT customers. Get more fruits and vegetables when you spend your SNAP EBT Card dollars at participating farmers’ markets, farm stands, mobile markets, grocery stores, and CSAs. It’s easy with Double Up Food Bucks! For example, if you spend $10 from your SNAP EBT Card at a participating outlet, we give you another $10 to buy fresh fruits and veggies grown in New Mexico. 

APPLY NOW for 2017!

We are no longer accepting handmade vendor, wellness and service applications for 2017. Stay tuned for our 2017 Holiday Market application!  Food and Farm applications are accepted on a limited basis after Feb 1st (please email RailYardsMarket@gmail.com). Please read all about our vendor benefits, rules & regulations, and hop aboard! All vendors are juried by a panel of community members. MORE INFO HERE.

a season well spent

Together at the Rail Yards Market over 2016 we have kept over $1,000,000 in the local economy, welcomed over 100,000 patrons, and hosted nearly 200 businesses every Sunday in May-October. Sending out so so much gratitude to all the wonderful customers, vendors, volunteers, musicians, staff, and creative people that made the market a success and continue to make local markets buzz for our community. Local markets likes Rail Yards Market ABQAlbuquerque Downtown Growers' Market, and more are such crucial blocks in our economy, and for the nourishment and vitality of our City. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for all the YOU do to contribute to this market!! 


Keep it local this year for the Holidays, enjoy a historic experience, and discover the best of Albuquerque's local small businesses. Over 100 vendorsof made-from-scratch delicious food and quality handmade crafts will convene for Albuquerque's locavorian spirit this year for the 3rd annual Holiday Market on December 11th, 2016. 2014 saw 4,000 visitors to the event, and in 2015 over 10,000 came to show their appreciation for local community!

The event is co-presented by the Downtown Growers' and Rail Yards Markets together to bring food, art, and music together for the Holidays.
Sample New Mexico's finest cuisine, peruse all the local gifts, create some fun in the Children's zone, and give back to your community at our Nourishment Station, where we will be collecting donations for those in need.


season's gratitude

Our 2016 Season Finale is was spectacular! This year we have shared so many laughs, delicious recipes, fresh produce, handmade joy, and most of all--IDEAS! The Rail Yards Market crew, vendors, volunteers, and customers have become a seasonal family, and we hope the many relationships and community projects that we have started this season live on and grow to new potential. We wish you all a productive yet restful winter, and look forward to another glorious and fruitful season.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to such a successful community endeavor.  We cannot wait to be back at The Yards with you all again!!


::Holiday Market event info is HERE::

Dia De Los Muertos: RYM

Our 2016 Season Finale is upon us! What a wonderful time we have had bringing you the best New Mexico has to offer in terms of growers, arts/crafts, music and education. For Dia de los Muertos we have a plethora of activities planned including: Pumpkin Carving Contest, Dia de los Muertos Face Painting and Paper Art and much more! We are also hosting the National Institute of Flamenco on our Main Stage. Come on over in costume and enjoy all the free, always free to the public. 


Literacy at the RYM

The Public Library of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County has been serving the greater Albuquerque community for over 100 years. "Albuquerque residents have been able to visit their public library at the northwest corner of Edith and Central since 1901, when Joshua and Sarah Raynolds donated Perkins Hall to the City of Albuquerque."  The Rail Yards Market is excited to be partnering with this wonderful city institution this Sunday as they bring Story Time to our Children's Zone! 

In our STEAM Zone we have Las Aranas Spinners and Weavers Guild. They will be demonstrating the art(s) of Spinning and Weaving! Check out their spinning wheel and samples all free to the public. 


Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day at the RYM

Come help us celebrate Indigenous Peoples at the Rail Yards Market. We have tons of programming scheduled as well as tasty fruits and vegetables picked from your local growers!

In the STEAM zone we have Educator/Poet/Potter Max Early. Max Early is from Laguna Pueblo located in New Mexico and writes in both English and his native Keresan language. He is the author of Ears of Corn: Listen (3: A Taos Press), and is working on a second book of poetry with the goal of helping to preserve the Keresan language
and the cultures and traditions of his pueblo.


Barelas: heart of our city

At the Rail Yards Market we are proud to call Barelas, NM our home. Barelas consists of the triangular area bounded by Coal Avenue, the BNSF railroad tracks, and the Rio Grande. Originally a separate village, it was absorbed into Albuquerque during the railroad-fueled growth of the 1880s. The settlement was formally established in 1662, predating even Old Town as the oldest neighborhood in the city. It is the home of many artists of al mediums! We have lots fun activities like bead making in the Children's Zone, and live art in the STEAM Zone. Come join the fun as we celebrate Barelas, the Heart of our City! Always Free admission and free to participate! 


  • Morning Yoga with Bhava Yoga  10:00 am
  • Jacob Reinhardt 11:00
  • Jenna Dunlap 12:30

The Harvest at RYM

It's harvest time and all of your local growers/farmers have been busy gathering their crops to bring you the plentiful bounty of their labor and the earth's gifts. Come get your pumpkins, squash, beets, carrots, cucumbers, corn, lettuce, wheat grass, raspberries, apples and more at the Rail Yards Market every Sunday through the month of October!


  • Morning Yoga with Bhava Yoga  10:00 am
  • Jacob Reinhardt 11:00
  • Jenna Dunlap 12:30

Old School at the RYM

When cruising through New Mexico you are liable to run into some classic cars, old towns and amazing artifacts. Come take a trip back in time and check out some amazing vintage automobiles. 

In STEAM Zone we will be joined by Skelley Greer for live painting. The folks from Healthy Futures will be on hand building a solar oven. Additionally we will be welcoming the New Mexico Natural History museum. They will be bringing interactive activities to the kids zone! 


  • Morning Yoga with Bhava Yoga  10:00 am
  • Eric Griego 11:00
  • Cynical Bird 12:30

Put the A in STEM at the RYM

Seems like everywhere you turn folks are discussing the need for greater emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in education. At the Rail Yards Market we believe in adding Arts into that equation for a well-rounded education! This Sunday we celebrate STEAM with the Fractal Foundation. The kiddos will create their own fractals and learn about how mathematics are used to construct these works of art. 


  • Morning Yoga with Bhava Yoga  10:00 am
  • Martin Smith 11:00
  • Chuy Martinez y Los Trinos 12:30

Celebrating Love at the RYM

This Sunday at the Rail Yards Market we are celebrating Love. The Native Health Initiative will be programming the 3rd annual Celebrate Love Day! Activities include beading, face-painting, writing love notes, healers

Entertainment for Celebrating Love

  • Morning Yoga with Bhava Yoga  10:00 am
  • Traditional Dancers 11:00
  • Love Celebration 12:30

Service at RYM

Come on out to the Rail Yards Market ABQ this Sunday and help us honor the folks who serve and protect us on the daily! The Albuquerque Fire Department will be on hand with one of their awesome fire trucks to talk Fire Safety and more!

Entertainment for Service Day

Circus Day at the RYM

At the Rail Yards Market we have always been accused of having a carnival-like atmosphere, with Ohma and his Tarot Card reading goose, Thablur the Balloon Magician, and Sean Wells Face Painting, therefore this season we decided to dedicate a whole day to the Circus Arts!  Come join us this Sunday as we will be featuring the folks mentioned above and the ABQ Circus Arts performers!

Entertainment for Circus Day

Intergalactic Day at the RYM

Join us for our Intergalactic Day, a celebration of all those folks who inhabit the universe with us! The 501st Dewback Ridge Garrison are a fun group that promotes charitable causes and will be walking through the market in their Star Wars / Intergalactic costumes.  Everyone is encouraged to dress in their intergalactic best!


We're hiring!


Position General Objectives (Click HERE for complete Job Description)

  • Work directly with Barelas, South Broadway, San Jose neighborhoods to promote and encourage a sense of market involvement and ownership.
  • Represent RYM’s mission and commitment to the community via various outreach strategies.
  • Connect with and nurture productive relationships with the surrounding neighborhood residents and  Community Partners.
  • Schedule community groups (non commerce) to table at the market’s Community Station.
  • Oversee and facilitate outreach relations, communications, and logistical elements.
  • Provide flexibility and availability to represent RYM at meetings, functions, and other opportunities.

All applications welcome until August 20th (CLICK HERE)

Red or Green at the RYM

Red or Green in New Mexico that question is put to us constantly when ordering a meal. Chile is an integral part of diet and culture here in the Land of Enchantment. At the Rail Yards Market we celebrate this part of cuisine and cultural heritage. Come find the best local growers and chile roasters every Sunday from 10-2pm. 


  • Morning Yoga with Bhava Yoga  10:00 am
  • Audio Buddha 11:00
  • Beatriz Valencia Story Teller 12:30

Recycling at the RYM

Recycling, upcycling, compost, we have all heard the terms but what do they really mean? At the Rail Yards Market we are committed to reaching zero waste. With that in mind we contracted with Knowaste to achieve the above goal. Find out what all this terminology means and why we should all go "green" for the health and longevity of our planet. The Hive Eco-Collective will be at the RYM educating the pubic regarding eco-structures and demonstrating recycling/upcycling strategies.

Entertainment for Growers Day

  • Morning Yoga with Bhava Yoga  10:00 am
  • Boondoggles 11:00 am
  • Angelo Marisco 12:30

Growers Day at the RYM

The trend toward eating locally grown food is growing every year! At the Rail Yards Market we are fortunate to host many of the areas' wonderful growers each and every Sunday!

This Sunday, among other programming, we will have Julie Grueskin from the Cat Cafe is going to show us what to do with that wonderful produce that we buy at the Rail Yards Market!

Entertainment for Growers Day

  • Morning Yoga with Bhava Yoga  10:00 am
  • Young Musician Initiative 11:00 am
  • Antonio Marquez 12:30 pm

NM Heritage Day at the RYM

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate New Mexico's heritage at the Rail Yards Market. The folks from the Albuquerque Public Art department will be on hand to lead the kiddos with an art making project. Local Artist Sean Wells will be on hand showing her Retablos along with Patrick "Cloudface" Burnham who will be creating live art. See an example of his art below.

Entertainment for NM Heritage

  • Morning Yoga with Bhava Yoga  10:00 am
  • John Virga 11:00
  • Georgio O'Neal 12:30

Rail Yards History Day

The Rail Yards grounds has a remarkable history that spans parts of three centuries. The Barelas neighborhood used to be the hub of economic activity in Albuquerque. The Rail Yards Market are beginning of a movement to revitalize all 27 acres of the Rail Yards grounds. Come celebrate that history with us this Sunday, July 17 from 10am to 2pm.

Entertainment for Elder's Day

Elders Day at RYM

Respect your elders is a common refrain and included in that should be spend time with your elders! A great place to spend time with your elders is at the Rail Yards Market. We offer a variety of programming from local music to morning yoga and most everything in between.

This Sunday we have the folks from the ABQ Reads in the Children's Zone leading the kids in story telling and craft-making revolving around literacy! ABQ Reads is a program created by the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce and is in its 13 year of existence! They are always looking for volunteer tutors for their program. Bring your grandparents or any other elder in your life to meet the folks at ABQ Reads to discuss tutoring possibilities. 

Entertainment for Elder's Day

Pet-riotic Celebration at RYM

Come join us for a great independence day celebration featuring our wonderful four legged friends! 

Programming for Petriotic Day will include the wonderful folks at Positive Paws. They will be educating the public on animal safety, and leading the kiddos in animal themed crafts! 

Entertainment for Petriotic Day

Celebrating the Sun at rym

The Sun, a critical component to life. It warms us, heals us and helps our crops grow. Many of our growers spend countless hours under the hot sun to bring us the fresh bounty you see every Sunday at the Rail Yards Market. Come help us celebrate during "Dia del Sol." 

The Albuquerque Sol Soccer Team will be at the Rail Yards Market this Sunday to raffle off tickets for the big game at UNM Soccer Stadium. Come kick the ball around with some of the Sol players and enjoy your day in the Sun. 

Entertainment for Dia del Sol 

Father's Day at the RYM

A Father means so many things...
A understanding heart,
A source of strength and of support Right from the very start.
A constant readiness to help In a kind and thoughtful way.
With encouragement and forgiveness No matter what comes your way.
A special generosity and always affection, too
A Father means so many things
When he's a man like you...

Come on over to the Rail Yards Market this Sunday and celebrate the Father, Dad, Grand dad, or any father-figure in your life! We have lots of fun stuff for the family planned including 3-D Art courtesy of Dennis Harroun in our STEAM Zone! 

Entertainment for Father's Day

Dennis Harroun

Celebrate Pride at the RYM

This Sunday come out and celebrate Pride at the Rail Yards Market. The Rail Yards Market was founded on the principles of the Pride movement which include: the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance.

Add the icing on the cake during your Pride 2016 celebration this Sunday by spending the day with us. We have a day full of fun family friendly activities planned! Artist Ramona Snow Teo of Guerilla GraphiX will be on hand to create a Rainbow Sand Mandala, come join her! 

Entertainment for our pride celebration

Shop Local at the RYM

Over the past two seasons the Rail Yards Market has seen an increase in vendors from 60 to 80. During those first two seasons (2014, 2015) vendors generated over 1 million dollars in revenue! A part of our overall mission is to serve as an economic incubator for small businesses. Read more about the many benefits of shopping local. 

Entertainment on Shop Local Day

Wellness at the RYM

This Sunday May 29 the focus at the Rail Yards Market will be Wellness! There are lots facets as it pertains to wellness and with that in mind the fine folks at the Native Health Initiative have partnered with the RYM to bring a holistic experience of wellness education to our community.

The Native Health Initiative sponsors, Running Medicine, which is based on the understanding that running and exercise is a beautiful and potent medicine for mind, body, and spirit. NHI will also be bringing Traditional Healers into the STEAM Zone and motion and movement on our stage. In the Children's Zone we will have bead making courtesy of Lisa Richards with Pony Beaders. 


  • Morning Yoga with Bhava Yoga  10:00 am
  • Ancient Bones 11:00
  • Jenna Dunlap 12:30

Super Hero Day at the RYM

Have you ever dreamed of being able to fly, bend steel, run as fast as a race car, all while saving the world? Well Sunday, May 22 is your day to dress up as your favorite Super Hero or create your own, and head on over to the Rail Yards Market!

Join the Comic Crusaders for New Mexico a nonprofit group bringing your favorite comic characters to life, visiting hospitals, schools and community events all over Albuquerque. In the Children's Zone, the kiddos will be making Super Hero capes! In our STEAM Zone artist Dhaveed Woody will be teaching us how to sketch Super Heroes!

Entertainment for Super Hero Day

Entrepreneur DAY AT THE RYM

On Sunday May 15 join us as we celebrate innovation, vision, and the can-do attitude. Joining us on this fine Sunday will be the fine folks from the Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire! They will be leading the activities in our Children's Zone and our STEAM Zone!

Entertainment for Entrepreneur Day


This Sunday May 8 come celebrate Mother's Day at the Rail Yards Market. Come get unique gifts from our wonderful vendors. This season we have over 100 vendors both inside and outside. Check out our interactive vendor map to guide you through the Black Smith's Shop and to your favorite vendor. 


Full STEAM Ahead

In the STEAM Zone this week we have our very own uber artist/educator/musician Stephanie Galloway create some art live! 

2016 season opens May 1st

Hop aboard for the Rail Yards Market of Albuquerque's 3rd annual season celebrating all things New Mexican! Welcoming over 100,000 visitors annually, and showcasing more than 250 Farm, Food, Artisan, Educational, and Musical entrepreneurs and experts each year, the market is a hub for innovative ideas and simultaneous preservation of the unique traditions of New Mexico. 2000-5000 community members attend the market each Sunday to celebrate local produce, food, culture, and, very important to the market’s vision, interaction!

Stay connected on all the upcoming fun and themes on our Facebook page and be sure to join the opening day celebration event as well!



Can you make some cool, green, seating to power-up place-making at the Rail Yards Market? See our request for proposals to do just that...

Greetings Local Maker!  To power-up our placemaking initiatives, The Rail Yards Market is seeking creative makers to design and construct some mobile seating elements for our Sunday event.

Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Placemaking capitalizes on a local community's assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people's health, happiness, and well being (definition from wikipedia).

Right now, we are requesting one design and prototype to be created and beta-tested by each applicant. We are awaiting a possible grant award in late May, and if awarded, a panel will choose our favorite design, and would like to pursue constructing more of the units. Anyone can apply, and we encourage local neighborhood residents to submit design proposals!

Design proposals are due by April 15th, and should be emailed to RailYardsMarket@gmail.com. Designs should include a sketch or image of idea, and a budget breakdown of how much each unit would cost. 

Read our full RFP here.

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